MAZARI – offering a broad range of office sundries and devices, school and graphic art tools and materials, ergonomic accessories for office work.

KUBiQ – creative toy kits for children of 3 and more. Construction sets made of plastics, magnetic ones, kinetic kits (in preparation for Christmas 2017), toy sets having gained popularity at nursery schools, favoured also by ground school children. 

The MAZARI company is a newcomer to the Czech market, however, it can look back to 20 years of experience related to the manufacture and marketing of office products and construction sets in the markets of the Russian Federation. We have been collaborating with clients also in further European and Asian countries over a longer period of time. Partnerships testified by time with a number of leaders in the field of construction set production enable us to supply high quality products for interesting prices.

Thanks to our close monitoring of the path of each product from the receipt of order down to the moment of delivery, we are able to offer you the recent innovations in the domain of construction kits, as well as to control the whole manufacturing process. Our warehousing facilities and the time-tested delivery system safeguard our capacity to supply the ordered goods within the shortest possible delay.

For cooperation please contact us on info@mazari.cz or +420 567 210 866.